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Default Subdomain don't work!!

I'am try to setting a VPS with ISPConfig 3.0.1.
I created a domain (domain: domain.ext ; ip: * ; Auto-Subdomain: *. ; Mod-PHP).
I also create two alias domain for phpmyadmin.domain.ext (redirect to server1.domain.ext/phpmyadmin/) and webmail.domain.ext (redirect to server1.domain.ext/webmail/) and this work right!

I'am want create also a subdomain (sub.domain.ext).
At fist time I create it from subdomain but it don't work so on the forum I read the is better create subdomain as domain so i do it but it doesn't work!
When I want to see the sub.domain.ext the server respond with the domain.ext

Why? What can I do?

Thank you
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