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Default Fedora Core 2 - DNS Not updating

I have the laters vers 2.2.0 installon a Fedora Core 2 box

THe DNS does not seem be be updating. THe bind is chrorrted

I tried to change the /etc/bind to /var/named/chroot/var/named but it would not change in the setup area. So I put a symbolic link in and made sure the I was 777'd from the /var/named/chroot down to the directory.

The Sendmail and Apache stuff looks good.

Suggestions please? How do I look at the error messages? Nothing is showing up in the /var/log/message or in /root/ispconfig/httpd/logs. I am not sure what even would cause it to try to write the DNS out again.

my comments so far are perhaps make you links in the "/home/www" betwween your internal key and the site name relative links. that would allow simpler transport.
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