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I had a similar problem, or well - the exact same but on Debian Lenny.

So what I did to get it to work was edit "lib/install.lib.php" and went through the function "get_distname()", copied out the variables for my operating system and inserted them right before the return.

        $distname = 'Debian';
        $distver = 'Lenny/Sid';
        $distid = 'debian40';
        $distbaseid = 'debian';
        swriteln("Operating System: Debian Lenny/Sid or compatible\n");
        return array('name' => $distname, 'version' => $distver, 'id' => $distid, 'baseid' => $distbaseid);
This solved the problem. A possible fix is to update the if-control so that the script can parse my version aswell; 5.0.3.

if(trim(file_get_contents('/etc/debian_version')) == '5.0' || trim(file_get_contents('/etc/debian_version')) == 'lenny/sid') {

if(trim(strstr(file_get_contents('/etc/debian_version')),'5.0') || trim(file_get_contents('/etc/debian_version')) == 'lenny/sid') {
Or something..

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