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Default Bug? Jailkit / chroot crashed server

I just want wo point on a serious issue that probably has to do with jailkit aund ISPConfig 3. I found a thread on another forum which describes the problem very clearly (I think this board is the correct one).

Jailkit crashed the system - root in jail?

I had well installed Ubuntu 9.04 with ISPConfig 3 and Jailkit 2.6 and everything was working fine.
Unfortunatelly when I've added new shell user with Jailkit option (in ispconfig, in the same time I was logged as root via ssh) root lost his ability to do anything. Of course system was not able to start so now it's mounted on the other system.
So I've got access to every file but cannot login using chroot:

# chroot /crashed_system
chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory
Checked and permissions are fine (unchanged I guess):

# ls -l /recovered_system/bin/bash
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 833592 Mar  2  2009 /recovered_system/bin/bash
Does anyone knows how to fix it?
purge jailkit from the system
make root able to login
configure jailkit to remove root from jail? (if it's in jail, because I don't know how to check it)

The case is really important so any suggestions are expected.


I have recovered important data and will now reinstall the system but I still don't know the answer...

I have done exactly the same and got the same problem. My server iss running with Debian Lenny and ISPConfig

Would be glad if anyone can help me on the issue. I still have access on my files through a rescue system.
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