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Default debian network stops working suddenly


I have a really strange server problem that I've never experienced before.

The setup is a debian lenny server with latest updates, ispconfig2 and ossec installed, a hardware raid (3ware) - nothing else installed that I would call "special".

After a (i believe) random amount of time the network of this server completely(!) stops working.
That means I cannot even ping localhost or
There is nothing special in any log. /var/log/syslog, /var/log/messages, apache log, postfix log, proftp log, /var/log/kern, /var/log/dmesg - everything normal despite the fact that suddenly everything network-related stops working.

I can still do anything via serial remote console, top shows no process running (all sleeping) - load is at zero. Memory consumption normal.
I have no further idea what to do. As this is a hosting server with customers on it i can not simply re-setup the server - but I already did this before.

The complete server hardware has already been exchanged (only raid controller and disk drives have been held).

Some customers have "baseportal" installed - I do not appreciate that but I cannot believe that this could cause those problems - should be in the logs then.

Could anyone maybe point me to the right direction? Thank you.
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