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Default Apache Virtual Hosting and SSH

Hello.I have the following setup:

Apache Web server Configured to use ~user dirs.User accounts with homedirs at /home/* and webroot at /home/*/public_html/ for every user(users can access their web content with ,every user can access his homedir with ssh.The problem here is that every user can read the homedir of the other user and eventually read some private .php files.The other problem is that the .php files in /home/*/public_html/ are executed with the User Apache is running as ,so if a user sets his home dir with 700 permitions the apache process can`t reach the files at /home/*/public_html/. I don`t see a point from chrooted ssh becouse users will still can see foreign user homedirs.

And another question: How can i disable and/or Enable php only for particular users ?

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