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Originally Posted by ivomendonca View Post
If I copy the Squirrelmail to /var/www instead of using a symlink, I get these errors in the Apache logs, instead:

* SecurityException in Application.cpp:440: Handler not found in configuration
* Caused by KeyNotFoundException in Configuration.cpp:234: Handler "application/x-httpd-php" not found

If you remove and delete Squirrelmail files manualy, and install normaly as you shoud, this will work, dont do crazy stuff and ask help from there.

The better way is allways the clean and normal way. this "way" works even when updating.

Personaly Ubunto is for workstations and normal Debian is for servers maybe is that your first problem.

I didn't think that copying it would actually be useful functionally, but just might be some kind of guide as to the problem (I was wondering if suphp was broken for some reason). It's interesting that you got the same error - that presumably rules suphp out of the equation.

Anyway, yes, I removed / purged everything and reinstalled as in the Perfect Setup and it still didn't work - thanks for the idea, though.
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