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Default How to add a "spam-setting level" to the "Personal setting" Roundcube page

Hello to everybody.
I'm realizing a mail server based on ISPConfig 3 and Roundcube as webmail.

I would like to add a service to the customer roundcube webpage, so that a customer can set-up the level of spam filtering for his email(basically I want to add a slider with 10 spam levels on the "personal setting" roundcube page).

I've checked that, on ISPConfig 3, I can create "Policy record" that are stored on mysql database, exatly in "spamfilter_user" table, in the field names "policy_id", where the value of "policy_id" is the order of "Policy record" in ISPConfig page.

So, how can add on Roundcube this slider?
I don't think it's really difficult...but I'm not an expert of PHP at all!!!

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