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Unhappy Webmail not working - ISPConfig 3


Although it originally worked, after running some updates, Squirrelmail no longer works (giving a 500 error). Since then, I have downloaded and installed the latest version of ISPConfig, but this has not affected the situation.

The Apache log shows the following when I attempt to access the webmail directory:
  • SoftException in Application.cpp:202: Script "/var/www/webmail/index.php" resolving to "/usr/share/squirrelmail//index.php" not within configured docroot

The installation is of ISPConfig 3 on Ubuntu 64bit using the Perfect Setup instructions. Webmail was originally working. It is installed within a VPS, but was working.

If I copy the Squirrelmail to /var/www instead of using a symlink, I get these errors in the Apache logs, instead:
  • SecurityException in Application.cpp:440: Handler not found in configuration
  • Caused by KeyNotFoundException in Configuration.cpp:234: Handler "application/x-httpd-php" not found

Any ideas... please..?
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