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I hate to bring up an old topic... but I'm having a similar issue with fail2ban and pure-ftpd.

I set up my server following the directions here (The Perfect Server - Fedora 10) only on Fedora 11.

I have been searching for a way to get fail2ban to work with pure-ftpd, and every solution is not working. I've edited my jail.conf file to include

enabled = true
port = ftp,ftp-data,ftps,ftps-data
filter = pure-ftpd
logpath = /var/log/syslog
maxretry = 3
and when I try to restart fail2ban, it fails to start. However, it starts just fine when I comment out the pure-ftpd settings. I've tried everything I could think of to get it to work, yet I'm not able to find anything to get it going.

Any help would be great!
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