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Default PHP over SSL does not work

Finally, I have sucessfully installed ISPConfig, but now I am having problems.

My Setup:
1 IP
3 domain names (so far)

I am hosting 3 sites so far and I would like PHP to work over SSL for all of them (or at least one). Do I have to put files into the ssl directory?

I had a working site ( )

But when I want to log in on (login is linked to https://...) I get the PHP source code of the page and not the HTML output of it. Also, I tried to open a test php file over but could not see the page at all, got a not found error. I put the phpinfo.php file in the root directory of /home/www/ and in /home/www/ . Both didn't work.

I am confused. I turned on SSL in ISPConfig for that site, so I thought it should at least work for that one.

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