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It looks like the SASLAuth files did not load properly. Is there anyway to reinstall them at this point?

Do these files make up that server?

libsas12-2 libsas12-modules libsas12-modules-sql sas12-bin

When I tried to install these using Falko's how-to directions, they could not be found. I thought that I saw them being installed in the initial load of Ubuntu.

I also had the same issue with getmail14. How can I put these items on the server? Do I need to do a wipe and then reinstall? My personal site is the only that is currently on the server. It is not a big deal to me to do that.

Is there another operating system that you Linux Gods would recommend? I am new to the whole system, but Ubuntu is a name that I had heard before so I went with it.

Thanks for help and suggestions.
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