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Originally Posted by dclardy View Post
I am having the same issue. I added a new domain to my server, and the site caused my other site to go back to the default index file. How do I fix this? I am a complete noob to linux. So please be as thorough as possible?

The sites are This one worked fine until I added the new site last night.

Other site is It is also pointing to the new site page.
to solve the multiple issues I was having with ispconfig3 among other software, and I hope this doesn't make anyone mad, but I switched to CentOS 5.3, Now EVERYTHING works, no more fighting with OpenSUSE.

Don't get me wrong, if you are a newb, (like myself) there is no other distro you need to be with than openSUSE, I truly believe that suse has user friendly down to a science. It just lacks in certain areas. So i would say, play with suse, get a feel for the power of a linux server, then change to CentOS. some commands are a little different and take a little getting used to. but You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to maintain a cent box (as opposed to Suse.) I was.

In otherwords, i think SUSE is great for desktop environments (winblows replacement OS) but for servers, RedHat has it, hands down. (centos is redhat enterprise, without the support.)

now before anyone starts bashing me, I am a newb as well, and these are just my opinions. You are of course free to choose to stick with suse, but i went down that road faithfully, and you are in for some heartaches with suse as your server if you want to run ispconfig3.
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