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Originally Posted by wxman View Post
I know this is an aging post, but I'm running into the same question. I have HAProxy/heartbeat on one virtual node, and my web server on another. Then the whole thing is duplicated on a second machine. I need to run SSL on a few of my web sites, and I'm using ISPConfig 3. My question is, what to do with ISPConfig? Do you install it on both nodes? If it's installed on the web server node, like it is now, how does it handle the certificate installations? Do you have to install the certificates on both nodes? As you can see, I'm a bit confused.
Anyone have any ideas on what would be done in this scenario? I too am curious as I have a similar setup in mind.

Also -- is it confirmed that HAProxy doesn't work with SSL? If it does, would the SSL certificates need to be installed on the load balancers (I plan to have two) or on the webservers? Since the virtual IPs are pointed to the load balancers, I would assume the certificates needed to be on those servers since they are tied to specific IP addresses? Or am I way off base?

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