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Default php as cgi

Okay here is my new problem. I have given up on Fedora and have now gone with Falko's choice of Debian Sarge. I want to be able to use phpformgenerator on my website. When I was using a trial version of plesk I was able to use it with no problem but plesk configures php as cgi. Here is what happens. I go through all the steps to create my form and run the creation process. When complete the program provides me with a link to view the page. It is generated in html format with (i believe POST) and then the form sends to my email address, but when I click on the link the page is not found. I go to the directory in which the page is stored in on my website and the folder is empty. So the page is not generated. So my question is how do I run both php4 and php5 as cgi instead of the standard install. And both having all options available for creation. So far you guys have been great and I hope you can help me with this one. Thank you again!
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