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Default Tried this, same error message

Originally Posted by falko View Post
I think it's worth a try.
Hi Falko,

It seems not as trivial as I thought: just copying the RPM file and renaming it
to have ".hpfs" in its name isn't enough. I'm a LINUX beginner (as sysadmin,
as a user I use UNIX/LINUX for 12 years at work) so currently large part
of the kernel compilation process looks like "woodoo" to me. It seems
I have to alter some of the earlier steps but I don't know which and how.
I'm lacking the knowledge about how the kernel installation process
decides where are the files/directories from which it can deduce
what packages are installed and what should I do for it to recognize
the old named package as a new one (with ".hpfs" in the name)
or to change the dependencies of the new kernel to depend
on the old kernel-firmware instead of the new one.
I'm hesitating to install the renamed


as I'm not sure if I won't ruin something.

Any ideas?

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