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Default Ubuntu Hardy server + OpenLDAP + Samba PDC. Simple question about groups.


I have one question that may be silly, but still... I have a number of installations of Ubuntu 8.04 + Samba PDC + OpenLDAP for centralised authentication on the server, all working fine. In one of them, the worksations are Ubuntu 9.04. In a recent update of the worksations, sound capabilities disappeared in them and all sound was sent to Null Audio Output. PulseAudio does not seem to be running. All workstations authenticate correctly agains the LDAP server, and all users on the LDAP tree do not have any sound. There is one local user in each workstation (a local "PAM" user used for system administration only) and this user does have sound on each computer. Seemed to me like there was some sort of permission issue, i investigated, and found out that after some update users were joined to the "PulseAudio" groups 114, 115 and 116. This was automatically done by the update tool on the local PAM user, but was not done to the users in the LDAP tree.

And here come my questions:
- Can I make users of the LDAP tree to be members of more than one group?
- How?
I use LdapAdmin PHP scripts to manage the LDAP tree, and it will allow me to put only group per user.

Sorry if the question is silly, but the problem is BIG. In this company they use Skype for contacting customers, so you can imagine the problem of not having sound... I pushed them to move from Windows to some free distro of Linux and I would not want to get into trouble because of my suggestion!
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