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Default ERROR- Connection dropped by imap-server

Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier, MySQL And SquirrelMail (Ubuntu 9.04)
Logged into Squirrelmail.
ERROR- Connection dropped by imap-server

I did the Mailx thing.

I have yet to disable the plugins as a suggested fix because I
do not know how to do that.
Please tell me how.

After install mutt I tried mutt -f imap://localhost/
It failed certificate --did not match.
I typed "a: to accept.
Did a mutt -f imap://localhost/
This time I got
Username at localhost: root
I pressed Enter
Password for root@localhost
I entered my root password, the same one I enter afte a sudo su command.
I got
Temporary problem- try again later.
Login failed
I did try later (a few hours) again and the a few hours again
Same result.

I sent an email to using gmail.
It was successfully sent.
That did not help the problem.

I tried /var/log/mail.err
Got Permission Denied

Tried /var/log/maillog file
Got no such file or directory

I tried telnet localhost 143
Got OK

I hit enter I got
* NO Error in IMAP command received by server.

Then entered <]
I got
Entered quit
Got back to root@www:/home/albert#

Did a telnet localhost 25
Then ehlo localhost
Good results.

I have spent hours on Google with this problem.
No definitive fix except for "send an emailwill create malbox"
Which did not help .
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