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Default Simple attachment blocking?

I noticed that under Email -> Global filters you can define a new policy to filter attachments such as exe|vbs|dll's but there are those that do not understand regular expressions enough to create such a filter.
Could we create a wizard that would ask you an array of questions and then present you with the expression?

/^((Content-(Disposition: attachment;|Type:).*|\ +)| *)(file)?name\ *=\ *"?.*\.(lnk|asd|hlp|ocx|reg|bat|c[ho]m|cmd|exe|dll|vxd|pif|scr|hta|jse?|sh[mbs]|vb[esx]|ws[fh]|wmf)"?\ *$/      REJECT  attachment type not allowed
Also, I noticed that under Email -> Spamfilter -> Policy -> Add Policy , there is no way that we can define what Banned Files is, through the web interface.

This might have been already addressed as I am still at so please ignore this other wise.

Thanks guys.
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