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Default Building new kernel (FC11): final "rpm -ivh" failed on "kernel-firmware"


I attempted (for the first time) to recompile a kernel (to add HPFS support).
I found a step-by-step guide of custom kernel creation on
and attempted to follow it. All went well until the kernel install
command: it failed in requiring the kernel-firmware:

<localhost>.../SPECS>rpm -ivh ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/kernel-
error: Failed dependencies:
kernel-firmware >= is needed by kernel-

After some searching I understand that kernel-firmware is a sourceless
package so I need to somehow to link the firmware files with the kernel,
how can I do it? I did the kernel-creation not a a root, and when I see
what kernel packages are installed on my system I see the firmware too:

<localhost>.../rpmbuild>rpm -qa | grep kernel

Here is an excert from the history of the commands I used
while attempting to re-compile the kernel (with some "ls" removed
as irrelevant):

108 22:21 uname -m
111 22:28 rpmdev-setuptree
119 22:31 yumdownloader --source kernel
125 22:40 su -c 'yum-builddep kernel-'
126 23:16 su -c 'yum-builddep kernel-'
127 23:53 su -c 'yum-builddep download/kernel-'
129 23:55 rpm -Uvh kernel-
133 23:59 rpmbuild -bp --target=`uname -m` kernel.spec
137 0:03 cd ../BUILD/kernel-2.6.29/linux-2.6.29.x86_64
141 0:07 cp configs/kernel- ./config
145 0:08 make oldconfig
146 0:09 make xconfig
149 0:26 uname -i
156 0:30 cp .config ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/config-x86_64-generic
157 0:30 cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
159 0:31 ne kernel.spec & <=== Changed buildid to ".hpfs".
160 0:37 rpmbuild -bb --target=`uname -m` kernel.spec
164 6:23 rpm -ivh ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/kernel-

I downloaded the kernel-firmware- package
but I don't know what should I change in the kernel creation process
in order for the kernel-firmware to be used?

Thanks inadvance for any help.
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