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Default Clarification of Spam Filter Policies in ISPConfig3

I am hoping to get some clarification on the spam filter policies settings within ISPConfig3. I have the default policies which are:

Wants all spam
Wants viruses
Trigger happy

Upon initial glance, there are a lot of red X icons showing. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

I have some users that are complaining that they are receiving a higher number of spam emails on the new ISPConfig3 system than the previous system. The previous system was a Virtual user system on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS using a How To on this site.

Is there a policy on the ISPConfig3 system that is similar to the system established in the virtual user How To that could be used as a default? Can someone explain they checks done by each setting? Would anyone be willing to share their other spam filter settings?
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