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Originally Posted by MrM View Post
..i do appreciate every idea, so I'm going to set it to 10 and report back in a couple of days, when I see if it will have had any effect.
The "Swap FAQ" you have read look like a 'simple explanation' ..but ..yes .. that parameter is (in few words) the kernel "trend" (over time) to swap.

Just try it .. but '0' is better in my opinion.

I've re-read the entire post ..your distro is ubuntu (server) and the default is the same ad debian (60) .. which is quite good, but i've also experienced more swap than what i was used to on my (debian) test server with ISPConfig on-board

I've also experienced bad performances related to clamav scanning .. in particular if you have gunzipped attachmentes (cpio is the hungry app).

Try to understand which app is swapped:
# top
then press: SHIFT-O
then press: P <enter>

you can see sorted apps for swap usage .. copy & paste here.



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