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Default ISPCONFIG 3 - Centos 5.3 - To many connections

hello i had the same problem with another server, only this time, it s even worst. i m restarting my server, after 3-4 hours i get the error to many connections, all the mysql databases stop, the acces on the ispconfig stop with the error to many connections .....
to many connections to what ? i ve deleted all the databases, i ve stopped everything else i had on that server, i haven t made any changes on the server since i installed it, again the same problem with creating new e-mail accounts,
for the moment i have only 4 e-mail accounts, i m managing 2 domains from ispconfig both mine, and 2 websites ..... that s all ..... i really don t know exacttly what s going on .... please can u help me with something ?
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