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Originally Posted by stevetheb
I'm trying to set up ISPconfig within a school to allow students to develop websites without having to sign up with a freeISP. I don't want their sites to be visible to the Internet as a whole.

ISPconfig seems to be working OK, but I'm rather struggling in how to set it up on this Intranet basis. What should I use for host and domain names? and What about DNS?

Can some kind soul point me in the right direction?

Many thanks

I think there are two possible solutions:

1) Make IP-Based webs with private IP's. As far as i remember it should be possible in ISPConfig by leaving the host and domain field empty.

2) Make your own domains with the ending ".shool" or something like that and run a DNS server that resolves these domains to your private IP adresses. To try things out you can modify the hosts file of your workstation.
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