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The CNAME records should be like:
type: CNAME
name: 1
data: 1.1-30
type: CNAME
name: 29
data: 29.1-30

Here is a full briefing I have for users of ISPConfig:
1. Create a new zone for the block of IPs and assign the new zone to the client
Example: Customer has, create zone
(Note: the "8-29" zone prefix is arbitrary but helps us with identification of subnet)
2. Move the records (Example: hosts 8 through 15) manually or via database to new zone
3. In old zone (, add NS records for the new zone prefix
Example: NS 8-29
NS 8-29
4. In old zone, add CNAME records for each host in customer's range pointing to the new zone
in the form of CNAME [host] [host].[new zone prefix]
Example: CNAME 9 9.8-29
CNAME 10 10.8-29
5. Refresh the zones.
Now a PTR lookup will for will query and get a CNAME
of which will return the proper value for host 11 in the newly
created zone.

(Note: This procedure can be applied to a single record and non-continous ranges)

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