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Exclamation How Subdomain works (for documentation)

I will starts produce of end user documentation anyone can explain how subdomain works im looking at apache alias points subdomain for the same document root of main site.

REDIRECT TYPE - No Redirect - No Flag - R - L - R,L

Active - Y

I need explanations how REDIRECT TYPE works.
itīs possible create a independent virtualhost for subdomain?
(see workarround)

How subdomain can use another document root.

domain inclusion creates folders: cgi-bin log ssl tmp web

subdomain can use a folder like: subdomain name?

at the same level of web (document root)

cgi-bin log ssl tmp web subdomain

The main question is can specify another document root for subdomain?

If not possible specify a subdomain document root i no see any diferences between server alias and subdomain.

i think alias can redirect one domain to another using virtual redirect. one domain to another.

My workarround i created subdomain as independent website.

My idea is create subdomain with another document root with the same virtual hosting settings. share setting (main domain and subdomain).
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