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A Roundcube 0.3 version of my plugin is definetly planned, but the final of rc 0.3 isn't out yet and as long as this isn't done, I won't start to create this version. As well my driving course is a 9h per day course, so there isn't much time at the moment.

Planned for the upcoming version is:
*) Password changer
*) Autoreply
*) Mail filter
*) Forwarding
And you will be able to switch this features on or off, for your personal usage.

When you talk about the MANAGE USER thing you are probably referring to this thread:
As you read the post replies of it, you will see that this plugin won't work with ISPConfig 3, because it uses POSTFIXADMIN. Anyway you can use the frontend of this script and write your own backend to work with ISPConfig 3. If you are not able to do this, I can rewrite it so that it will work with ISPConfig 3, but you will have to wait at least 2 weeks from now because as I mentioned above i ham participating at a driving course at the moment.

PS: You will be the first notified for a test run!
PPS: You can always contact me per skype
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Mailuser interface for ISPConfig 3
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