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Default Newbie hostname confusion mysql access denied

Hi All

I am a keen web developer that wanted to set up his own local dev server at home.

I have been following the tutorial on here:

As you can see i am using fedora 11 but with 32bit i386 version

At the beginning i was pretty confused as to what my hostname should be. I am on a normal average joe home network with a sky (my ISP) router, DHCP, no domain just everything housed within a windows workgroup (called SGNET).

I decided to call the hostname "webdev" - i suspect i have gone wrong here lol

everything seemed fine until i installed mysql and tried to run the following command:

mysqladmin -h -u root password yourrootsqlpassword

- i received an error saying: connect to server at 'webdev' failed error: 'access denied for user 'root'@' localhost' (using password: NO)

I think i am confused with what hostname is needed to put for my type of network. I am running DHCP through the router.

What i really want is to call my server (which is the name of my website which is hosted with a proper hosting company but i thought i would start small and get everything working internally first before i look at external names.

If anyone could provide any help it would be much appreciated ! I really want to progress with Linux

Kindest regards

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