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Originally Posted by rlischer View Post
Thanks for this! Did you change something in "sshd.conf" ? I made the change to "pooling". It still does not ban me after 3, but drops me after 7 and lets me go right back and do it 7 more times. I must be missing something somewhere.
I don't know why you looked at the date, mine says "Fri Aug 14 04:17:10 EDT 2009" which has the wrong time for me. Also, I did fix the path to var\log\secure.


No, I made no changes to sshd.conf.

The only experience I have is on Cento5, is that what you are running ?

I guess you could make sure that the log time is the same as the clock time. If the logs don't have the same time as the clock (I don't know how this happens), funny things can happen.

I did that by logging on and then immediately running date" in an SSH session and confirm that the time shown is the same, or at least very near the time shown in the log file entry.

If the time is correct, please post the content of your jail.conf
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