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Originally Posted by Wandering-Aimlessly View Post
Got the problem nailed !

In case anyone else suffers the same problem, here are the details.

In Jail.conf there is a "backend" option, this can be set to "gamin", "polling" or "auto" which chooses whatever method is available.

If I set this to "polling" Fail2Ban started working but "auto" or "gamin"! it didn't.

I could not find why gamin was not working and could find little information on testing/debugging it.

In the end, out of desperation I rebooted the server.

And the problem went away.
Thanks for this! Did you change something in "sshd.conf" ? I made the change to "pooling". It still does not ban me after 3, but drops me after 7 and lets me go right back and do it 7 more times. I must be missing something somewhere.
I don't know why you looked at the date, mine says "Fri Aug 14 04:17:10 EDT 2009" which has the wrong time for me. Also, I did fix the path to var\log\secure.

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