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Originally Posted by syadnom View Post
Are you running anything from jaunty proposed or backports or any thing that is not part of jaunty?
I don't think I'm running any unstable software. It's basically a clean ISPConfig sysyem, with some extras like munin, subversion and some php modules (see attachment for a full list of packages). I have not added any repositories either. This is the full list of repositories (with deb-src counterparts removed):
deb jaunty main restricted
deb jaunty-updates main restricted
deb jaunty universe
deb jaunty-updates universe
deb jaunty multiverse
deb jaunty-updates multiverse
deb jaunty-security main restricted
deb jaunty-security universe
deb jaunty-security multiverse
Originally Posted by syadnom View Post
have you looked at the processes and seen what is actually eating up ram and getting pushed to swap?
As mentioned in my first post, I don't think the processes are eating up ram at all. The 'apps' memory usage is about 100M on average and does not rise over time. The only suspicious process I noticed in htop is /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon. There are about 65 active instances, each reportedly using 1.2% of ram.

Originally Posted by syadnom View Post
Do you have something writing to tmpfs?
How can I check this?

I don't believe the problem is actually in MySQL. I think the too many connections error is a consequence rather than a reason for this problem. I can set the max_connections setting though, if you think it'll help.
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