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Default Trouble Creating Email Account

So I created a website for say, I then created the email domain but accidentally typed it as (missing one of the letters) and then created an email account for it.

After realizing this error, I deleted the email domain and re-created it. But, the account does not work. I took a look and noticed that in the /var/vmail/ folder there is not a subfolder for the email account created.

It looks like ispconfig is not properly creating the email account for some reason. I'm not sure if this is because the domain name is so long, or because I orginally typo'ed the domain name. How can I manually get this account created while this is looked into?

For clarification on length, the real domain name is 22 characters plus .com (I know, it's long but I didn't recommend it.

Thanks in advance. We just moved this user to our new ispconfig 3 server so they're freaking out.
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