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Iīm having the an alike problem, the backup file I download comes empty, but if i check the tmp directory of ispconfig, the backup is there and itīs ok.

The site is about 800MB, the zip file in tmp is ok but the download of it doesnīt work ok.....

edit: I see that to download itīs made by an echo in the backup.php file, so unless I permit more memory to php script, it will not work, but I try to do it with the ftp upload (uploading to a local site) and it just connects leaves the backup file empty and presents me the following message.....
"Conectado a: localhost
como el usuario: web2_test
cambiando al directorio: /web/test/
La subida por FTP ha fallado. "

Wich means,
"Connected to....
as user.....
changing directory....
Ftp upload failed"

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