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I am not sure if thats sarcasm or not but yes, of course u need freeradius-mysql package to be installed. but mysql module also needs to be activated from one of the configuration file. in /etc/raddb/radiusd.conf ( in debian its probably /etc/freeradius/radiusd.conf or freeradius.conf) u need to un-comment the sql directive. i.e $INCLUDE sql.conf so as to enable sql thingy.

U running on MHzīs instead of GHzs.
You seem to be confusing freeradius 1.7.X with freeradius 2.x.
FR 2.X has slight bit of changes compared with 1.7.x. Follow the configurations setting from this tutorial while configuring the 2.X

(Be mindful of the fact that in the centos 5.x packages, configurations are installed in /etc/raddb/.. folder while in debian based distros they go into /etc/freeradius/... )

mysql schema link is also in there.

Let me know if it works & of course do cough up a nice howto about fr2 on debian. lets make some more money for falko.


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