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Default No .htaccess in automatic backup?

I've noticed that the automatic backup functionality doesn't backup .htaccess files. The man page of zip explains that I need to add ".* *" instead of just "*" as a parameter to include them. EDIT: them = files starting with a dot

Looking at /root/ispconfig/scripts/shell/backup.php tells me that you are using just the "*" so I thought that changing it to the above would be the way to go. But then I looked at the and saw files starting with a dot in that zip such as .antivirus.rc. On the other hand the file .no_delete is not included. Now I am confused.

Why is .antivirus.rc included but .htaccess isn't?

I assume you either forgot about .htaccess or there is a good reason to not include .htaccess in the backup. What reason would that be?

If I want to include .htaccess in the backup, changing
exec("cd $web_pfad; $zip -r $tmp_dir/web".$web_id." *");
exec("cd $web_pfad; $zip -r $tmp_dir/web".$web_id." .* *");
would do the trick, wouldn't it? Running "zip .* *" works for me.

Thank you very much.

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