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Default server Installation Configuration

Look I just read and worked with your detailed description about how to set up an Opens USE 11.1 server it was very helpful to me, but I need your help.
IN the installation process I faced several problems; basically everything was fine until I try to start the apache Server. Give me an error.
Module sueexec not installed ignoring….
Check the apache module settings in /etc/sysconfig/apache2.
Syntax error on line 6 of /etc/apache2/default-server.conf
DocumentRoot must be a directory
Command line /usr/sbin/httpd2-prefork –f /etc/apache2/httpd.conf
DocuemtRoot is assigned to this directory /srv/www/htdocs this last entry was not created in the directory, so I created And It was able to start the apache server. But so still remains the note to check the apache modules.
I proceed with the next steps in the installation and also face in some cases that the files was changed from that mentioned in your description, so I access the site “download.opensuse” and verify the new noarch, and then I was able to download all.
But it happened to me that nevertheless I install everything according to your description, I can’t access the server using IE explorer over the internal network, I got ip responses from this server but I can’t access using http or ftp. Please help me what I did wrong.
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