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Default Perl and cgi script installation

Dear all,

I am trying trying to install a cgi script that provides free e-mail on my debian
server. I need to install some perl modules to get this to work. I have already installed ISPConfig, mysql and phpMyAdmin on my server as described in perfect setup debian and this is working quite fine.

I have also already installed ActivePerl on the server. It installed in /opt/Perl.
Going through the setup documentation,"Install some Perl Modules needed by SpamAssassin (comes with ISPConfig)

Installation using the Perl Shell

Login to your command line as root and run the following command to start the Perl shell:

perl -MCPAN -e shell"
. It seems that Perl is already installed on my server

How i can

(1) install DBI
(2) install DBD-Mysql
(3) How do i set /opt/Perl as a path on the server. I understand i need to set the
system path for Perl so that it can be easily used by all users.
(4) How do i set Perl as path on the server
(5) What do i need to do so that my server can run cgi scripts for myself and for
(6) Can i upgrade my php4 to the latest release.

By the way am running the 2.02 of ISPConfig

Thanks for your kind help
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