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Originally Posted by Mark_NL View Post
Well there is a module for apache that can function as a sort of load balance mechanic, but i don't think that's what you're looking for.

I assume both servers run completely different domains, if so, then both need a WAN IP to talk properly to the Internet and serve their services to it. There might be a way that I'm not aware of.

Server A:
Server B:
Router: <WAN IP>

On your router you say:
"If a request comes on port 80, go to <IP>"

That can either be Server A or B .. not both

Server A: apache / ftp
Server B: mail / dns

will be no problem, since all services use different ports.

How many domains your running per server? I have 5 ISPConfig servers running, one of them easily runs about 60 domains. (it's a AMD Opteron 2.2GHz with 4GB mem running on a XEN installation (image based) and on a DRBD disc for HA).
Yeah i was thinking it would be:
User that is browsing -> domain -> router -> apache would figure out where the site that is called are located -> result.

Uhm i have about 4 domains, nothing special. It more a testing thing.

2 amd 1800+ both 768mb mem 1 has a 100 gb and the other 160gb.

Although, if it all works nicely .. My brother is in the ICT section with his own company, so there will be some good systems if it is worth it.

I mean designing websites and hosting them is better instead of sending them to another hoster.

Thanks for the info, im gonna get another small server and gonna let apache and ftp run on server1 and the mail on server3 and the rest on server2.

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