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Well there is a module for apache that can function as a sort of load balance mechanic, but i don't think that's what you're looking for.

I assume both servers run completely different domains, if so, then both need a WAN IP to talk properly to the Internet and serve their services to it. There might be a way that I'm not aware of.

Server A:
Server B:
Router: <WAN IP>

On your router you say:
"If a request comes on port 80, go to <IP>"

That can either be Server A or B .. not both

Server A: apache / ftp
Server B: mail / dns

will be no problem, since all services use different ports.

How many domains your running per server? I have 5 ISPConfig servers running, one of them easily runs about 60 domains. (it's a AMD Opteron 2.2GHz with 4GB mem running on a XEN installation (image based) and on a DRBD disc for HA).
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