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Originally Posted by till View Post
Which exact ISPConfig verson do you have installed?

I'am not able to reproduce any of your problems. Not sure were you added the IP's but this can definately not cause the problems you describe above especially as the virtual IP addresses for apache are not connected to the replication in any kind.
Both servers have the same processor, same linux debian lenny and same ispconfig's, like i mentioned earlier, ispconfig

I think i got the things working for the ip's, but i cant get the second server to update the database, i dont get stats there, only ???-???-??? etc.
Manual sql query is added fine, as a test.

And when manually running i get this on the mysql page processes;
             ID User Host Database Command Time Status SQL-query <-(translated)
stop proces 96 ispconfig localhost dbispconfig Sleep 4283 --- --- 
stop proces 583 ispconfig localhost None Sleep 2 --- --- 
stop proces 584 root localhost mysql Query 0 --- SHOW PROCESSLIST
If i could fix that, im allright i think. You know how i can do that?

edit;; if i install ispconfig3 without loading the master database, the monitor data works....

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