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Originally Posted by till View Post
Add the IP address to the correct server and select if for the website. The VirtualHost Line will contain then the IP and it will show you the website.
Now everything stopped working ...
Doesnt update anymore, cant see monitor stat's on serv2 and serv1 not updating, cant readd it via expert install even if root for server is added with hostname and ip .... great

Reinstalled things, works ok now but server 2 still cant connect to serv1 .. for some reasson it cant connect, yes permissions are correct for hostname and ip. Before this happend i also saw with the ip's enabled when creating a site
ip's: * and (router ip of that server) + when i change server it erases the ip box :\ bug?
ip's: * and instead of 8 for server 2!
That was when they were connected... now that messed up too.

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