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Default Important issues ... Please help...


I've already asked some of questions below but I'd like to get more specific anserw (thanks of course for every anserw I've already got).

I have debian lenny server with apache2, postfix, proftpd, mysql, powerdns. I've installed ISPC3 and configured my clients that uses mysql, email, ftp. There are some problem I got during testing ISPC3.

1. Some of my clients uses CMS sytems and need to upload files. Without suexec option they are unable to o that cos apache works with apache user rights instead webxx. Everything works fine with suexec. Is SuEXEC safe enough? Maby there is another way to make it works.

2. Another problem is email account management. I know there's nothing like that in ISP3 (it is in ISP2). My question is how people that use ISP3 solved that problem. The poit is simple - any e-mail user should have possibility to change / remind password, turn on "vacation" without using admin control panel.

3. Important thing is Traffic Control. Every webhosting got something like that today. As far as I konw there's nothin like that in ISP3. So my question is similar - how did any of You solve it?

I'll be very greatful for any anserw because I'd like to start using my webhosting on ISP3 that I find best software of all I checked (dtc, syspanel, gnupanel etc.)
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