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Exclamation Perfect SpamSnake - Bug or misconfiguration, attachments not forwarded


I have a problem which is happening with at least one user and that I can reproduce: A message is received by the SpamSnake, it contains some text with an XLS file attached. I can see the message in MailWatch, it is 1.5MB and I can see and download the XLS attachment no problem. The messages for this server are forwarded to an SMTP server in another location. This particular message is received at the other end but without the attachment. The SMTP server log shows that the SpamSnake announce a SIZE of 1.5MB but only the 3.5KB of text is delivered. However, if I open the message in MailWatch, go at the bottom and select to RELEASE it, the the user will also get the same 1.5MB SIZE announcement but this time the message is delivered with the attachment. The same message sent to an Hotmail account is delivered no problem. This hotmail message sent to the same email address on the Spamsnake show the same problem with no attachment delivered.

I hope I was clear enough, if someone could point be in a direction to search for this problem, I'd appreciate very much. Thanks.
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