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Okay, I'm figuring it out a bit, but I need to get some answers before I can start troubleshooting and figure out if it's user error on my end or a bug.

1) Does the /et /jailkit/jk_init.ini get used by ISPC3? If so, how? Is it called when a shell user's info is altered, or when the client's info is altered?

2) If /etc/jailkit/jk_init.ini is not used, how is jk_init run and which ISPC3 file runs it?

3) I searched everywhere but can't seem to find where ISPC3 puts the logs for jailkit.

4) Might be a bit Off Topic, but I keep seeing "usermod: no changes" in the ISPC3 cron log when I make changes to the user. If the log states that there are no changes, could this be why the jk_init isn't being called when changes are made?

Thanks guys.... tracking this problem down is a bit more difficult than the mail folder issue.
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