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Thanks Till for your response:

Awww my understanding is wrong, let me put down my objective:
On a single hosting server i would like to have multiple web-sites hosted.
I have 5 websites that i want to put on this server, i want to have each website its own mail boxes and user accounts...

*** I did install ISPConfig 3 in expert mode, and i have "" already setup during the process of installation. (Please see its setup in my post to verify if its been setup correctly) ***

1. After i remove the how do i put all these 5 websites hosted (e.g.,, ...)?
2. Do i have to have my AAA record at godaddy to point to my public ip for all those websites (i am assuming yes)
3. Do I have to have, in NameServer of SERVER1.COM or do i leave my local IP addresses there in that field.
4. How about the error i get in Website-Options tab?
(OPTIONS does not let me out i get this ERROR "documentroot_error_empty" while there is no tab for "documentroot" It only has LinuxUser=web1, LinuxUser=client1,AppacheDirective=blank)

Any step by step guide for ISPConfig3 is appreciated, i found many for ISPConfig2 but nothing for 3...

Thanx in advance
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