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hmm ok so i started it all over again, I did edit the files in windoze, because the f.... up vi on the rescue system didnt let me to.

but the root of all evil still seems to be the following notation
rsync $image_server::scripts/$image_name.master /tmp
could you please explain to me why there are two colons right one after another?
maybe this is just damn easy but I ve never encountered such a notation I am just familiar with
rsync $image_server:/scripts/$image_name.master /tmp
Is this some kind of shortened way for a path?

And man, thanks so far for your quick replies and your kind help.
It is great to have such support in ones learning process

I asked around a bit and looked at the rsync man pages and there I found that the
and that this requires a rsync daemon....

so I guess for your script to work a rsync daemon must be running?

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