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Default Kind help sought: FC11 booting to blank screen after upgrade from fc10


I was working with FC10. Whenever I reboot, automatic updates are performed. Recently an option to upgrade FC10 to FC11 appeared automatically (similar to the second screen shot given at ). Because this appeared automatically I didnt get a chance to perform the command line statements that were given at the same site (especially, yum clean all, I dont know if that is the problem). Except for these commands everything followed similar to the way explained in the web page .

During reboot the upgrade was performed. However, I am not able to successfully get into the FC11 desktop. When booted with FC11 (I also have windows xp), the system enters to a blank screen. Did some search in the internet, however I was not able to get to the thread that addresses this problem. Some of the suggestions given were to append 3 or 1 in the kernal parameter, however this was not helping, again the system enters to a blank screen and whatever I write using the keyboard appears on the screen. I am sure that this blank screen is not a shell.

I request the users to kindly give their suggestions and help me overcome this problem.

C. Balaji
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