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Originally Posted by _X_ View Post
also almost all folders and files should be owned by www-data:www-data (user:group) so only apache can access those files. only some folders in images folder should be own by web1_ftp:web1 so images can be uploaded by ftp user.

to correct ownership of files type in console (SSH):
cd /var/www/web1
chown -R -v -f www-data:www-data/*

to set ownership of files and folders in images folder:
cd /var/www/web1/images
chown -R -v -f web1_ftp-web1:web1_ftp-web1/*
Dear _X_!
i don't know about this quote. who www-data:www-data any else? I think there is only a user:group is web1_ftp:web1 for each directory and file in /web
apache user is in group web1?
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