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I'm up and running on the ISPC3 server. I've tested the following code and verify that this works. If the directory doesn't exist, maildrop runs the commands and makes the directory.
`test -e ".$TestChDirQuotes." && exit 1 || exit 0`
if ( ".'$RETURNCODE'." != 1 )
My only problem now is the fact that ALL mail is sent to the first folder in the .mailfilter list. There must be a problem with this code.
if (/^Subject:.*\[backpackgeartest\]/:h)
EDIT: The problem isn't necessarily with the above code. The problem seems to be that when ISPC3 rewrites the rules it doesn't always \ out the brackets. I tried creating rules without brackets and it worked perfectly. However, when I put brackets in there, the first rule in the .mailfilter file didn't have brackets, but the second did. This explains why all the mail is going to the first filter in the list even if it's not supposed to be matching.

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