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Changed it around a bit more so that the variables are unique. Something didn't work right when I tried it last night though. All the emails went to the last box in the .mailfilter file. I think I may have screwed things up by manually deleting the .mailfilter file and messing up sections of the db.

Anyway, here's the final code for mailbox's that have CREATED folders with spaces. Once again, this is likely not to work with folders that need creating by the script. I'll work on that at a later date, or the devs can modify this to suit their needs. I'm going to completely reinstall and verify operation.

                if($this->dataRecord["action"] == 'move') {
                        $content .= 'ID' . "$this->id" . 'EndFolder = "$DEFAULT/.' . $this->dataRecord['target'] . '/"' . "\n";
                        $content .= "to ". '$ID' . "$this->id" . 'EndFolder' . "\n";
                } else {
                        $content .= "to /dev/null\n";

                $content .= "}\n";
                $content .= "}\n";
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